Svarre Window

Introducing the latest 100% maintenance free window from Vrogum/Svarre
The window is constructed with the outer layer of the triple glazing covering the internal timber frame giving a maintenance free exterior.

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Technical Info

The 6 most desired requirements

Maintenance free
The window is constructed with glass on the outside which covers the internal timber, which makes it 100 % maintenance free.

Glass is extremely durable, so is the colour on the glass. The colour is painted on the inside of the glass and before the glass is toughened which means that the colour is burned into the glass. The advantage of glass is therefore:

  • Never fades
  • Glass is extremely durable
  • 6 mm toughened safety glass on the outside as standard.

The window is constructed with the best burglary proof hardware on the market:

  • Hard stainless steel or aluminium hinges
  • Security multipoint espagnolette locking front and back
  • 6 mm toughened glass outside.

Sound proofing
The window has excellent soundproof qualities with up to DB 38 as standard.

  • 2 weather seals
  • 3 layers of glass with different thickness.

3 layers of glass as standard with following U-values (Ug):

  • Ug values of 0,9 as standard
  • Possible with Ug values down to exceptional 0,5.

Wind and water tightness
It is an overlapping window construction which makes the window extremely wind and water tight and enables the fitting of 2 weather seals.

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