Frequently Asked Questions

Will our sunroom be warm?
Due to the high quality windows we use from Vrogum, with u-values down to 0.5, and the extremely high levels of insulation, our sunrooms are easy to heat and also cool in warm weather. Click here to view the Vrogum triple glazed windows that we use.
How long will it take to build?
Normally fifteen working days, as a lot of the work is prepared in our workshop, for example roof sections.
Will there be much disruption to the house?

No, we don’t need to have any access to the house during the construction works, once we have water and power available everything can be completed until the final couple of days when we may have to remove doors or wall sections to make the sunroom accessible from the house.

How can I get a quote?
Please contact us through our contact page or alternatively you can request a free callback from Sunrooms Ireland. One of our representatives will then discuss your exact requirements with you and from there we will be able to give you a quote for the job.
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